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Brookfield Programs​

For Learning Problems and Disabilities

About ABA Programming at Brookfield Programs....

Parents of Child with ASD

"We would like to thank you for giving  "X" a huge helping hand with his  future.  His ongoing progress has been greatly due  to your program at Brookfield"

About Relationship Development Intervention (RDI).....

"As parents of a 3 year old boy with high functioning ASD, we knew we wanted more for our son than a traditional ABA program could offer.  We found a great fit with Brookfield Programs and RDI. It has allowed us to focus our attention on autism's core deficits instead of dealing with symptoms, and put aside the bewildering array of therapies available.  It has taught us a parenting approach that is respectful and works with both our children.  It has helped our son make amazing progress towards overcoming his challenges.  We are able to connect with him, have meaningful conversations, and he has become very flexible, caring, and fun.  John has been very supportive through the whole process, offering insights into the underlying causes of out son's behavior and making helpful suggestions.  Most of all, though, he has helped us to learn to guide and to self-evaluate so that we can do RDI independently in the future."

For Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)​ 

​​​​​​​​​​What Clients are Saying About Brookfield Programs

About Direct Instruction Programs and Donna Heughan's supervision .... 

Dr. CV (Pediatrician, Toronto, ON)

​​"Your program is an irreplaceable resource to our students and families. You have provided learning / teaching at its very best

for students who have needed it the most over the years. I wish you the very best with your move to B.C. and I am

sure you will be as successful there. My families and I will miss you.

Best Wishes"

About John DeMarco's supervision....

Senior Therapists and Instructors

​"Thanks so much for everything!  You truly are the best!!  Your knowledge and guidance have been a key component to our team,

our professional development and most importantly have had  huge impacts on the lives of our kids."


​​​​At Brookfield Programs we provide effective evidence based interventions to help children, teens and adults with mild to severe learning challenges in a wide array of functional and skill areas.  We have two primary service streams at Brookfield Programs.  One stream is for interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders, while the other is for those with learning problems and Learning Disabilities.  All our services are based on thorough assessments and individualized to the person's and family's requirements.  With over 15 years of experience, we can help. Please email or call us to discuss your specific needs.