Donna Heughan

Donna is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of our Direct Instruction Learning Centre. She has a Masters Degree from the Department of Behavioral Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

She received her training in Direct Instruction through the intensive on site courses delivered by the Association for Direct Instruction in Eugene Oregon as well as being mentored by a qualified D.I. Coach.  She has extensive knowledge of the range of Direct Instruction Curricula and is adept at finding the most productive program and starting point for any given student.

Donna has developed a reputation as an effective trainer in the techniques and programs within Direct Instruction and is particularly adept in modifying curricula for children no matter what learning challenges / disabilities they face.

She is a member of the National Institute For Direct Instruction.

John DeMarco

John is Vice-President and Clinical Director at Brookfield Programs.  He has been a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst since 2004 and a Relationship Development Intervention Program Certified Consultant since 2008.  He was educated at the University of Toronto, McGill and Yale receiving an Honours B.A. from U. of T. and a M. Phil. from Yale.  In 2003, he complete a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of North Texas.

Historically, he has provided services to a range of clients in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia including home and centre based programs which often included inclusion components in day-cares and nursery schools as well as public and private primary, middle and high schools.

John provided leadership and clinical direction to Brookfield Programs' in-house clinic services from 2003 till Brookfield relocated its base of operations to Victoria B.C. in the Fall of 2014.  While in Ontario, he was approved to provide clinical supervision for programs funded under the Direct Funding Option of the Ontario Government's Intensive Behavioral Intervention Program for TPAS-Surrey Place Centre.  He is currently authorized to supervise programs for children under 6 years of age under the Registry for Autism Service Providers in British Columbia.

Past long term assignments include the provision of  clinical supervision services to two Regional Providers of the Ontario Government's Program for Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Children: Toronto Preschool Autism Services - Surrey Place (2003 -05) and Algonquin Child and Family Services  in North Bay (2005-06) for both centre based and home based programs.  In addition , he served as Clinical Supervisor for Beecroft Learning Centre - a private learning centre in Toronto (2005-06).

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